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But while the number of people from black, Asian and mixed-race backgrounds settling down with someone from another group have all risen, white people remain by far the most segregated on the domestic front.

New analysis of census figures shows that the number of people in England and Wales living with or married to someone from another group jumped 35 per cent to 2.3 million in the 10-years up to the last census.

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The Indo-Fijians are part of the south Asian diaspora (a community of ethnically related displaced peoples) that includes the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, Trinidad in the Caribbean, Guyana in South America, South Africa, and North America.Some call them "Hin Jews." Others say they're "Om-Shalomers." But whatever they're called, young Jews of Hindu and Jewish parentage are coming of age, marking the emergence of a new cultural subset in an increasingly diverse American Jewish population.In the wake of the Hart-Cellar Act, which liberalized U. immigration policy in 1967, a wave of mostly male Indian graduate students moved to the United States to study engineering. Of these couples, many have raised their kids as Jews while also introducing them to secular Indian cultural values.The Fijian archipelago (string of islands) is located in the western Pacific Ocean.The climate of Fiji is tropical with plenty of rainfall, sunshine, and high humidity.

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