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(2011-12)The Newlywed Game (1966–74, 1977–80, 1985–89 & 1998–2000), The Diamond Head Game (1975), Rhyme and Reason (1975–76), All Star Secrets (1979), Dream House (1983–84), Trivia Trap (1984–85), Card Sharks (1986–89), Family Secrets (1993)Video Village/Video Village Junior (1961–62), Let's Make a Deal (1963–76, 1980, 1984–85 & 1990–91), It's Anybody's Guess (1977), Beat the Clock (1979–80), The Joke's on Us (1983–84), Split Second (1986–87)Physical Pursuits (1988), Time Please (1991-92), Pot Black (1991-92), All Mixed Up (1998-2002), Pass the Buck (1999-2000), The Third Degree (1999-2000), Playing for Time (2000-01), Jet Set (2001-07), Jet Set Departure Lounge (2001-02), Remotely Funny (2002), TV Scrabble (2003), Hard Spell (2004-05), Would You Pass the Eleven Plus?

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• Spicer Dodges Questions On Russia, Kushner; Spicer Won't Confirm Or Deny Kushner Secret Channel To Russia; Flynn Will Provide Some Documents To Senate; House Intel Committee Asking Former W. Pick: "Transgender is a Disease"; Kimmel's Cousin on Helping Him Through Son's Heart Surgery. Election But Dem Got Highest Vote Tally; GOP Fears Anti-Trump Anger In Upcoming Races; Vote To Republicans Distancing Themselves For Trump; NYT Compares Photos Of Patriots W. Aired 7-8p ET • Trump: Syria Chemical Attack "Crossed Many, Many Lives"; Trump On Taking New Action In Syria: "You'll See"; Trump Says Syria "Crossed Many, Many Lives": Blame Obama; Bannon: Nowhere To Be Seen During Trump News Conference; Survivors Describe Chemical Bombs Falling From Sky; Survivor: I Saw Yellow And Blue, Felt Dizzy, Fainted; Trump: My Attitude Towards Assad "Has Changed Very Much"; Trump: "I Now Have Responsibility" When It Comes To Syria; Trump To NYT: "I Think" Susan Rice Committed A Crime; Bannon Removed From National Security Council Role; Aired 7-8p ET • Official: North Korea Fires Projectile Into Sea Of Japan; Rep.

Aired 7-8p ET • Rice Declines Request To Testify On Russian Hacking; Comey: "Mildy Nauseous" To Think I Affected Election; FBI Chief Defends Decision To Reveal Clinton Email Probe; Spicer Clashes With Reporters Over Definition Of "Wall"; Aired 7-8p ET • Interview with Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida; Trump's Army Secy. Obama; Aired 7-8p ET • Polls Closing In Georgia Special Election; Polls Closing In High-Stakes Special Election; WH Official: Trump Personally Invested In Georgia Election; Awaiting First Results In Georgia Special Election; Sources: FBI Used Trump Dossier To Help Get Secret Wiretap Warrant On Associate In Russia Investigation; Aired 7-8p ET • ,000 Reward In Manhunt For Facebook-Murder Suspect; North Korea: Nuclear War Could Break Out At Any Moment; Pence To North; Don't Test Trump; WH: Trump's 2016 Taxes Won't Be Released Due To Audit; GOP Sen: Cotton Booed For Defending Trump On Tax Returns; WH: Trump Has No Plans To Release Tax Returns; Critics Slam Trump Over Transparency On Taxes; Visitor Info; Nationwide Manhunt For Suspect In Facebook Killing; Nationwide Manhunt After Video Killing Posted To Facebook; Aired 7-8p ET • North Korea: "Merciless" Response To Any U. Aired 7-8p ET • Defense Secretary Mattis Briefing Trump On Syria Military Options; Joint Chiefs Of Staff Meets About Military Options In Syria; Trump Considering Military Action In Syria; House Intel Chair Steps Aside From Russia Investigation; Democratic Representative: Trump Russia Hoax Claim Is A "Lie"; Sources: Bannon's Role Is Diminished In White House.

At the state level, Republicans now control at least 34 governorships, the most since 1922, and ran up their advantage in state legislatures.

The party was confident that its aging candidate, the spouse of another former Democratic president, could win, and it was optimistic about winning control of the Senate. All of those dangers still beset the party, but now without the bridge of a Clinton presidency to ease the blow.

There are many places where Trump and the leaders of the Republican Congress disagree, but they have all pushed for the chance to dismantle two signature Obama achievements: the Affordable Care Act, which was the crowning if incomplete culmination of decades of Democratic effort; and both domestic and multilateral efforts to slow climate change.

A conservative majority on the Court also throws long-settled precedents like into question.

(2011-12)Globo Loco (2003-05), Magic Numbers (2010), The Big Quiz (2011-12; 2016-), Catchphrase (2013-), Big Star's Little Star (2013-), Get Your Act Together (2015), Reality Bites (2015), Pick Me!

(2015), Go for It (2016), The Next Great Magician (2016-)The Price Is Right (1957–58), Dotto (1958), Top Dollar (1958–59), Video Village (1960–61), Seven Keys (1961–64), I'll Bet (1965), Beat the Clock (1969–72), Concentration (1973–79), Now You See It (1974–75)Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

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