The dating disasters of sirius black

The first problem, Draco and Harry already know each other, and their dislike is very much mutual. Fortunately--or perhaps unfortunately--Remus has some secrets of his own. And I tell him yes, because logic dictates that the living do get over their grief. How the hell do I tell Harry it’s going to be okay when I don’t know if it is?” James isn't exactly sure how he's supposed to tell anyone it's going to be okay, when he himself doesn't know how to be okay.

R/SAn appropriate way to narrate this story would perhaps be to start from the very beginning when Sirius Black was born.

Focuses a lot more on the early teenage years and a very vulnerable Remus.

(Holds a soft spot in my heart because I was a beta for it for about a year, heh.)Momentum Another one that I briefly served as a beta for, and holy shit.

The genre and word count will also be noted if available. A History of R/S in 2½ Acts [FA or LJ] by minnow_53 R.

Warnings have not been included — please note them and additional pairings in the header of individual stories, if available.

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