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Here are some rules men should follow in order to get successful online dates.10 tricks to impress a Romanian woman Romanian women are one of a kind.You’re likely to hook up with other Romanians under the influence of alcohol, be it at a bar or at someone’s house and then if you’re lucky you’ll get a phone number.Then you forget the 3 day rule (or even the neurotic New York 7 day rule) and call the very next day.

Both men and women, search for truth, love and affection.After a bit of chatting, we found out we were in thernsame city!Travelers tend to do well when it comes to getting dates in Romania.Foreigners, both men and women are regarded as exotic and likely to have plenty of money, making them the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend. You ‘meet’ with a guy or girl for a movie, coffee, drink or just go for a walk together.If you go out a second and third time, you can consider yourself together.

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