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Your surprise presence in his space will greatly increase everyone's arousal.It's a clear sign of your attraction and willingness to take things further than simple flirting!All you need for this scenario is a calm or isolated area where you and your girlfriend / boyfriend can pull over to on the side of the road.Be sure to wear a skirt - it's easy and can be discreet.]You must have read or seen all of the Harry Potter Books/Movies. Go on quests, spar, meet other campers, talk about the books, share fan stuff, EVERYTHING! Use of either of them without permission will result in severe punishment via RIPTIDE! And this will be a gathering no one will soon forget. Now a refugee, he wanders the streets of Paris, passing off as the mayor, a rich man. And so he passes now as the rich Monsieur Madeleine.And preferably The Cursed Child as well.[Note: Stories that emerge in here may be incorporated into my fanfiction so please be aware that by writing here you agree to let me use story ideas. A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.”‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭‬ ‭MSG‬‬ Song: "Coat of Arms" Jonathan Thulin UHt A_Blrc Do you wish you had ADHD and dyslexia? "The weight of your crown will be enough to crush you if you're not careful."Countries of Divinity’s Reach, you have been cordially invited to attend the inauguration celebration of Nascor’s soon to be queen. Meanwhile, in the slums of Paris lives a young a pretty woman named Fantine, left with a small child by her lover Félix Tholomyès. We ask that you be at least 14 to join, but message a mod for possible exemptions Group Ratings: Language: PG (Mild-No cursing. We are an Advanced RP Group, meant for semi to multi-para roleplay.

However, there is a general consensus of the rules of roleplay, which have been laid out in this guide.I never loved pen and paper games like Dungeons & Dragons as a kid.That kind of play felt like it took everything I liked about fantasy and pretend—being a character, drama and romance, surprises!There is (pretend) sex involved (read here about when I played it with friends).Another of her works, The Quiet Year, gently led me and a friend to build an entire people's mythology around a map we drew by hand.

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