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He and his wife live in the Twin Cities with their five children. Only then can we destroy the enemy’s false arguments with true ones.

Jon Bloom serves as author, board chair, and co-founder of Desiring God. So as freedom fighters let’s fight against “unbelieving hearts” by exhorting one another every day (Hebrews –13) to live in the freedom — and peace (John ) — of the truth.

1 Peter 5:8 I’m not a pastor who is constantly looking for Satan behind everything that goes wrong.

I concentrate my attention on Jesus and encouraging others to follow Jesus and not to focus on the defeated one.

The gates of hell shall never overcome what God started, but Satan certainly loves to disrupt what God’s church is doing.

Satan loves business meetings that get out of hand or when two church members have disagreements outside of church.

into my covenant between myself, my husband, and God.

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It was certainly a shock for me when I began to look at these things.And like it or not, you are in a war — a very serious one. It involves God, humans, angels, demons, principalities, powers, nations, and antichrists. To battle sin is to battle unbelief — or destroy arguments.Before we start, you may want to read about biblical marriage and how it started HERE, and how husbands and wives are instructed to treat each other HERE.These two articles are a great resource as a compilation of marriage scriptures.

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