Robert smith and siouxsie sioux dating

Robert Smith, The Cure's driving force, who is 49 next month, is goth's chief architect.

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All now pushing 50, they each represent an ongoing refusal of the shiny-happy generalities upon which mainstream pop is founded. Guitarists for the band have included Marco Pirroni, Pete Fenton, John Mc Kay, John Mc Geoch, John Valentine Carruthers, Jon Klein, Knox Chandler and also Robert Smith of The Cure (who also worked with Severin as the band The Glove). band, formed in 1976, fronted by Siouxsie Sioux (Susan Janet Ballion) on vocals, with Steven Severin (Steven John Bailey) playing bass and Budgie (2) (Peter Clarke) on drums (who also worked with Siouxsie as the band The Creatures).Her songs have been covered by Jeff Buckley, Tricky, Massive Attack, and LCD Soundsystem.Link to Wikipedia biography Sy Scholfield quotes her friend Budgie in an online interview giving Siouxsie Sioux's and his own data: "Siouxsie: - 21.12 hrs - London UK.

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