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Fool a gullible family member or friend and watch them wet their pants. The lights go out as a family celebrates a birthday.

(99) Fake Alien Attack flick similar in style to "Blair Witch" actually fooled some... The two sons go to check on the fuse box and find a UFO crashed in the woods, complete with buggy eyed attacking aliens. (89) Franco Nero, George Kennedy- story manages to incorporate the KGB, CIA, aliens, Indiana Jones and The Terminator - not to mention a worldwide conspiracy plot, treasure and plenty of action and special effects!

Speculation about the women’s relationship began after they were spotted together at a Fox Studios tech seminar in Los Angeles.

Just a few days later, Foster and Hedison went out to a dinner with mutual friends."It's pretty serious," a source told E! "They're totally in love."While Hedison’s photography has appeared in shows on both the East and West Coast – aside from her relationship with De Generes – she's likely best known for her recurring role on Showtime hit .

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She said at the time: 'This is not going to be a big coming out speech tonight because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age – in those very quaint days when a fragile girl would open up to trusted friends and family and coworkers and then gradually proudly to everyone who knew her.L-BEACH freut sich sehr, Alexandra Hedison als Moderatorin für das dritte Festival gewonnen zu haben!(88) Crazed forest dwelling rapist / killers splat - attack and kill a man's family. Incredibly bloody violence, and brutal acts that will leave you gasping! In Spanish but easy to follow.(98) Yet another alien scare flick that takes it's style of story telling from "Blair Witch".In 'The L Word' verdrehte sie Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley, Moderatorin bei L-BEACH #2) komplett den Kopf – Alexandra Hedison, alias Dylan Moreland.Auch wenn Hedison bereits seit über 20 Jahren im Filmbusiness tätig ist, hat ihr keine Rolle so viel bedeutet wie die der Dylan in 'The L Word'.

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