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Not only does this make it quick and easy to use but it's very secure and private. Only the conversations are stored and those are automatically removed after 30 days.TALK is anonymous, free, fast and doesn't need any registration.At around two weeks, kittens start to wander around and may leave their den.Roughly a month after birth, kittens develop adult teeth and begin to eat solid food.

'Catterbox' promises to bring cats and their owners closer together, while injecting fun into their lives While executive creative director of communications agency adam&eve DDB, Richard Brim, told Adweek: 'Cats are often perceived as quite hard to get to know, independent pets, so we set up The Tempations Lab to find innovative ways to inject even more fun into a cat and owner's relationship.' By analysing cat vocalisations, the Temptations team associated them with equivalent human emotions.

House cats, along with dogs, are the most popular animal companions in the US.

Cats have long tails that help them balance, and sharp claws and teeth that aid in the hunting of rodents and small birds.

We can never get enough of talking animal videos, can we?

And this video just gets better, with a cat saying ‘Hey’ every time he faces the camera!

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