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She arrived late but brandished a cheque for ,000.

Caitlin, formerly known as Bruce, congratulated Boy George on being sober for 8 years.

More Before Anthony meets Stuttering John Melendez poolside, he talks about last night’s Letterman with Howard Stern and Don Rickles, the “breaking news” that the Stangel brothers will now be producing Opie and Jimmy, Kt C gives everyone an app and studio update, and Ant clears up concerns regarding his elbows. More Today Stuttering John and Anthony sit at the poker table to talk about drinking, relationships, and their shared love of Columbo reruns and old timey TV shows.

John tells us a few Jackie Martling stories, we find out his son gave him lice, the guys chat about their love of...

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Caitlin Jenner, 67, and the cast of I Am Cait were Boy George’s special guests for the variety show.The American Ninja Warrior host, 46, raised over half a million dollars for his chosen charity, trumping British pop star Boy George, who came in second place.‘You kicked some serious bu*t, task after task after task and that’s what makes a winner.Consistency,’ Arnie told his new protégé.‘When do we start? The two have been arguing via Twitter, with President Trump saying that Arnold 'did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice,' in reference to the show's lowered ratings.Iseman began working with American Ninja Warrior in 2010.He uses his athleticism and work as a comedian to add his style to the show with Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (former American professional football player), and Kristine Leahy (sideline correspondent).

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