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He was later awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1973.“When I first saw him he was wearing chappals. Doshi went to Lucky Restaurant where he gifted this painting.”Relia says he met Husain at the hospital where he was admitted and had a long talk about some of his paintings.

Many times he would come bare feet also, but most of the times I have seen him he was wearing shoes,” Siddiqui says, showing a picture of himself with Husain in which the artist is wearing shoes.“In 2004, Husain had come to Ahmedabad for an exhibition. The painting gifted by Husain to the restaurant could well have fetched over Rs1.5 crore while he was alive.

Perhaps these factors have been subsumed by the larger facts of the coming by-elections in Maharashtra.

Or "distracting public attention from the Ramesh Kini case and Madhukar Sarpotdar's comments before the Srikrishna Commission", as painter Navjot Altaf puts it.

It began with a small ripple in a pond: an article in a little-known Hindi monthly from Madhya Pradesh, Vichar Mimansa, with the title, " Yeh chitrakar hai ya kasai? Never mind that this most innocuous of paintings of Goddess Saraswati, now being termed offensive, was done in 1976.

En route writ petitions were filed against the painter in four courts in Madhya Pradesh.

They date from the 2nd century BCE and, according to William Darlymple, who wrote about them in a recent Smart History (now part of Khan Academy) has a great history of the caves which are also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Husain of hurting Hindu sensibilities by painting Goddess Saraswati in the nude.

“Such lewd paintings can’t be described art, she said while asking if the artist would make such painting of her mother and sister.

She said that there should be action against such people and took the painting to the local police station to file a complaint.

The women members of Lal Sena flanked by members of Rashtriya Ekta Manch arrived at Ravindra Manch where the summit is being held and Lal Sena leader Hemlata Sharma alleged that a painting of Radha Vinod Sharma was indecent, thus an insult of women.

She also snatched the painting from Mr Sharma’s hands and came out with it alleging that “such indecent depiction of mothers and sisters” should be stop under the garb of art.

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