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Essays should be literary and creative in nature, rather than expository. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College and Ph. We want to know the affect and effect of putting yourself out there in a technological dating pool. Co-Editor Bios: Danita Berg chairs the English Department at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, and is the founding director of the Red Earth Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing program at Oklahoma City University. She is the founder and non-fiction editor for the online literary journal, Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine. Mac Kenzie Jennings is an English professor at Polk State College in Winter Haven, FL. She has written articles and op-ed pieces for a number of news publications including She has also optioned screenplays for several film production companies including Meridian Films and Green Moon Productions. In this collection we seek witty, wry, raw, insightful, and/or (yes, always) humorous essays (be they happy-ending, painful, regretful, or even tragic) about dating in the 21 century. We seek personal, but not solely anecdotal, writing. We’re all in this for the long haul (or even the short haul), but how do we date and (gasp) find love with all of the new obstacles of the 21 century getting in the way? It’s the singles who get badgered for the minutiae of their romantic lives. But nobody pesters the marrieds for the particulars of their relationships. I took a long slow sip of my Amarone, placed the glass on the table, blotted my lips, and pushed a hank of hair back over my shoulder, then with a cool and level gaze, answered him: “No.” The next day at Starbucks, with coffees in each of my hands, a young man jumped up from his seat, and held the door for me. ******* A Tale from the (Dating) Trenches After six months in Afghanistan, with five months left in my tour, I decided to give online dating another shot.

While he went on describing his vision for his future, I inventoried gentle ways to deflect his attention. I asked just before popping a triangle of skirt steak into my mouth. I was relieved and annoyed, but this time in unequal parts. He was flying into town — private jet — and we were meeting at a restaurant he’d chosen because “they knew him there.” We’d met at one of those big-ticket events and had established an instant rapport. The hostess walked him over to the table and remarked that it was a pleasure to see the lovely Ms.

My thoughts were starting to reflect the grim reality of concrete barriers and barbed wire; there was no one in my heart. Normally, the notion of a relationship in which sex isn’t even a possibility is too uncomfortable to contemplate.

Without the reward of sex, why would I keep putting in all this effort?

First, Aziz Ansari, the creator and star of Netflix's series Master of None, is a genius.

The way he subtly exposes issues challenging single people today - especially with existing stereotypes of race, gender, and sexuality - is amazing.

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