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And wardrobe malfunctions don’t seem to embarrass the star known for her famous flash scene in .

While the former Casino actress now moans about her dating prospects, just last year, she had a different view, as the Express noted.

What he did was send eight mentally healthy individuals, with no past history of mental illness, to 12 psychiatric clinics and hospitals at different levels – rural, urban, government, and private.

One of the eight “pseudo-patients” was Rosnehan himself…

Thus, began his journey of past life regression therapy, whereby he had helped more than 4000 patients with it till date. Rosenhan conducted an experiment to check the validity of diagnosis in mental health institutes; more particularly, psychiatric wards.

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But what if this statement actually had an evolutionary basis?

Continue reading Needless to say, he had considered that past life recollection as figments of imagination, when two things happened – first, her problems started disappearing.

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