Dating vintage omega watches

Best of all, its stainless-steel case was water-resistant.

Our Rolex watches are serviced by a watchmaker that was trained by Rolex and on occasion we send our watches into the official Rolex service division directly.By 1889, Louis Brandt & Fils, the precursor to Omega, was the largest watch manufacturer in Switzerland, producing more than 100,000 watches annually.The first Omega wristwatch — in fact, it was one of the first industrially made wristwatches in the world — appeared in 1900.Our latest blog post about watches Omega Speedmaster worn in space auctioned at Christies Rolex and Omega watches have always been our focus, but with so many wonderful used timepieces available, we have expanded our selection, while only collecting the finest antique and vintage models!Omega is very much one of the shining stars of the antique watch world.

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