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The video clip reveals the hidden crevices and spiral staircases of Down Street station, which was used by Sir Winston Churchill to shelter from the Blitz.It reveals the disused tunnels and stairwells of the Tube stop as the site is set to be brought back into use as an art gallery and restaurant.If you’re really lucky, you’ll end up at one of Google’s secret parties on the roof, which have been known to take place in this little garden oasis.You wouldn’t expect there to be such a beautiful, quiet park so near busy Beacon Street, and yet—right on top of Corey Hill—there is a gorgeous getaway complete with shady oak trees and incredible views of the city.In an anonymous backstreet, near Chancery Lane station in central London, there are two black doors.On one of them, a sign says “fire exit do not obstruct”; another barks “no parking 24 hour access”.There is also a giant grassy hill where—seeing as no one is ever there—you can unleash your inner child and roll down that grassy plain!Geologists in New Zealand have discovered a magma chamber being born in a surprising place — not under the country’s most active volcanoes, but off to one side.

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We've reached out to several former Apple store employees (who will remain anonymous) for the insider tips and the shocking stories you need to know.

“At the bottom of that is what was a secret telephone exchange.

All of the old switchboards are still in there.” He pauses.

Graeme Craig, Tf L’s director of commercial development, said it would lease out 4,300 sq ft “to businesses who have the ability to use the space to create something exceptional and establish the next chapter in the station’s history.”He added: "The combination of space, history, and location, makes this a unique opportunity.

We are looking for a partner with the imagination to see the potential here and the capability to deliver it."Down Street still has its Leslie Green designed station facade with trademark ox-blood glazed tiles at street level.

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