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at the risk of sounding trivial i would like to see a dating site/thread for single cancer survivors.

Having cancer has changed every aspect of my life and i am finding it difficult to find someone who looks at life in the same way i (we) do.

The 50-year-old hairstylist, who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments after being diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer when she was 37.

The radiation left scar tissue inside her vagina that makes it impossible for her to have sex without feeling pain, the reported.

Take care, Dana CSN Dana Oftentimes, when you volunteer with your local branch of the American Cancer Society (etc), you'll find folks who "get it," -- either cancer survivors or family / friends of folks who've had cancer.

My boyfriend was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma when he was 19. We've been together about 9 months and things having been going really well.

In my defense, he had asked me why I was still single if I’ve lived in this area my entire life.

He asked this in a teasing way, but when I read it, my heart sank.

okay, so I've been dating this guy for about two months now, who used to have luekemia. AS SOON AS I TOLD EM ABOUT CANCER, THE BLOCK WENT ON!! SPOSE THEIR SCARED YOUR GONNA KEEL OVER DEAD AT ANYTIME, LOL, ANYWAY:: "I MADE IT THROUGH...

He is a senior but had it when he was in eighth and nineth grade. We've been together about 9 months and things having been going really well. I'm falling in love with someone who used to have lukemia, once when he was 6 and then relapsed a few years later... I am a man aged 45 who lived with cancer for 10 years, i was introduced to a man in Africa whom i was told could help me get rid of the disease.

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