Backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting are considered

in your best interests, and end in a "he said, she said" battle.

You have legal rights as an employee even if you don’t have a written employment agreement, because a verbal agreement between you and your employer is still legally binding.As expected, there are also exceptions to the Statute of Frauds.Even if an oral contract falls within its terms, it will still be enforced if: Again, a plaintiff bears the burden of providing such evidence. They're difficult to prove, and often form the basis of fraud.This notice was prescribed for the purpose of regulating residential property loans.The Judge held that the said option was enforceable at the instance of the Respondents.3 As we shall see, the present appeal necessitates the consideration of the applicable legal principles in relation to one of the most confused (and confusing) areas in the common law of contract – that of illegality and public policy.

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