Asp net validating datetime

Here are the results of validation on localhost: input in "Created" (Html.Editor For) helper: 28.9.2016 result: record is added Here are the results of validation on live server: input in "Created" (Html.And then a Custom Validator with a serverside event that tries to perform a Date Time. Personally I don't trust the Compare Validator here, because I don't know for sure what format it uses (but that can be because I didn't investigate enough).ambiguous dates are a weakness of this approach and could lead to problems, but it's still possible to implement a validator.To see what each of the format identifiers means, please consult the relevant MSDN documentation.

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The validation support provided by MVC and Entity Framework Core Code First is a good example of the DRY principle in action. A significant benefit is that you didn't need to change a single line of code in the view in order to enable this validation UI.

This does work, but Chris Van Opstal's may be needed for SQL date edits.

I believe that the dates have to be specified in the current culture of the application.

Personally, I would rather use a j Query datepicker.

Chameleon Forms provides a way for you to hook into the unobtrusive validation library that ASP.

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