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Now faced with a quest for revenge and survival so staggering it would scare off even the gods themselves, he finds help in stranger Ryan Ross; loner, roamer, and supernatural hunter.

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I'm a girl on a journey that mainly involves connecting with music but sometimes other stuff too.

Julian Sark/Jack Bristow, now, pledge, lose, take, never, last Lauren/Sydney, bonding, bondage, gravel, car, diamond, despair, lockdown, silk, chained Nadia/Sydney, wrong, fulfilling, sugar, soft Rachel/Lauren, stiletto Rachel/Nadia, deceit, raise, glow, heaven Rachel/Peyton, teacher Rachel/Sydney, broken, new, outside, scared, hero, undercover stripper, lesson, crush Sark/Sydney, lies, self-deception, vacation, airplane, tie Sark/Vaughn, reunion, smirk, fondness, cooperation, snark Sark/Will, Taipei, torture, spread-eagled, identity, bound Sydney/Sark, cat and mouse, pull, secret. Tom/Sydney, memories, undercover, train Alice (Sy Fy) Alice Hamilton/Hatter/Jack Heart/Duchess, hijinks, laughter, revelry, visit, wedding Alice Hamilton/Hatter, catch, leather, believe, spontaneity, crumbs, silk, laughter, tea, top, game, morning, laughter, fireworks, spanking, tease, karate, restraints, finally, water, playing cards, hats, blindfold, mine, loyalty Duchess/Alice, trapped, discovery Hatter/Jack Hearts, fight, angry, prove, humiliate, tea, poison, library, knuckles, spoiled, shadow, books Jack/Alice, becoming the mask, pine, emotion Alice Borchardt Chiara/the bear, marriage, magic, tentacles, no-nonsense, darkness, candles, spying, business, manners, bossy, mountains, sunsets, patience, jewels Regeane/Maeniel, meat, furs, fire, tumble, outrun, lake, marriage Regeane/Matrona, she-wolf, eternity, debauchery, rabbits, howl, luxury Alice in Wonderland (2010) Alice/Hatter, wake up, never forget, I love you, why, come back, smile, real world, normal, hats, clothes, fear, adjustment, waiting, kiss Alice/Mirana, wish Alice/White Queen, armor, champion, happiness, hidden, knight, return, stay, sword, wield, any Alice in Wonderland (any) Knave of Hearts/Queen of Hearts, abhorrent attraction Mad Hatter/Alice, any Aliens Dwayne Hicks/Ellen Ripley, survival, nourishment, fun, light, metal Ripley/Hicks, Acheron, ammunition, rain, apocalypse, wish All My Children Aidan/Greenlee, i miss you, coming home, love, celebration Aidan/Lily, home Amanda/Bianca, curiosity, modeling, mothers Annie/Bianca, insanity, substitute Babe/Bianca, obsession, penance Babe/Kendall, punishment, revenge Bianca/Greenlee, blackmail, degrading Bianca/Kendall, grief, wrong Bianca/Lena, accent, betrayal, shower Bianca/Liza, fine, payment Bianca/Madison, kiss Bianca/Maggie, anal, first, experimenting, strap-on, it was always you, forgiveness, first kiss, smile, Paris, Christmas Bianca/Michael, forced orgasm, non-consensual, shame Bianca/Zarf, awkward Edmund/Dimitri, embrace, stable, hide, protect, regrets Greenlee/Kendall, anal, soul mate, why, connecting, shy, after hours, convincing JR/Kendall, blacksheep, passion Kendall/Ethan, understanding, two halves of a whole, dance, Valentine’s Day, blush, seduction, reunite Kendall/Ryan, soulmates, making up, what if, shower, giggle, hero, motorcycle, Pine Cone, returning, desire Liza/Damon, desk, regret, trouble, irresistable, passion, forgive, second-time All-American Girl - Meg Cabot Sam/David, charcoal smudges ' Allo, ' Allo Herr Flick/Helga, bondage, painting, garter, knickers Rene/any, apron, cupboard, table Rene/Maria, reunion, cupcakes, Switzerland Rene/Michelle, Resistance torture techniques Almost Famous Penny/Russell, alone, enough, magic Amadeus Salieri/Constanze, shame, music, exquisite Salieri/Mozart, revenge, final, rival, absolution, mea culpa Amazing Grace Wilberforce/Pitt, port, crooning, fog, ache American Beauty Jane/Angela, lipstick, sleepover, slut, games American Dreams JJ/Beth, Hawaii, haircut, ring, footrub Meg/Sam, 1970s American Gods - Neil Gaiman Bast/Shadow, purr, worship, shrine, dark, ancient, sight American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong Alysha/Heather, hold, coffee, microphone Extraordinary Girl/Whatsername, bittersweet, care, future, history, past, present, weaknesses Heather/Miguel/Will, future, link, sugar, barbeque, talent Heather/The Extraordinary Girl, sunrise, backyard, liner, x-ray, kind Heather/Whatsername, strong, missive, abracadabra, night, pull Heather/Will, park, spider, caught, denial, evolution Johnny/Tunny, dead inside, give me novacaine, hurts so good, Johnny/Tunny/Will, high, couch, list, smuggle The Extraordinary Girl/Tunny/Will, twine, sleep, lost, melt, rhythm, pet, snap, vice, normal Tunny/Extraordinary Girl, uniform, heal, determination, home, sense, longing, yes Tunny/OFC, school, fumble Tunny/OMC, secret Tunny/Will, ache, bruise, contrast, dominance, first time, five years, midnight, open, stars, understanding, broken, drunk, first, loss, morphine dreams, skating, before and after, "love, loss, and what he wore", my beating heart belongs to you, sending all my love to you, dear John, "take a load off Fanny, put the load right on me," "are you bruised, are you broken? Ray/Chris/Shaz, imbalances, stars, pub, lager, jealousy, truth Askewniverse Alyssa Jones/Banky Edwards/Holden Mc Neil, future, gold, every Alyssa Jones/Bethany Sloane, natural, sign, play, sweat, line Bartleby/Loki, hold, mile, always Assassin’s Creed Abu’l Nuqoud/OMC, slave, boy, homosexuality, perversion, redemption, greed, lust, acceptance, love Altair Ibn La-Ahad/Maria Thorpe, protection, fight, hate, love, devotion, change, pregnant, denial, passion Altaïr/Malik, leisure, lessons, blackmail, preparation, wind, novice, training, competition Claudia Auditore/OFC, prostitute, love, experience, first time, lesbian, missing, crying, leaving, supplication, money, soft, roses, touch, whisper Desmond, exploring Ezio, gladiator Lorenzo de Medici/Giovanni Auditore, falconry, devotion, master, protection, dedication, death, hangman’s noose, money, accounting, books, night, relief, marriage, accident, alley, children Malik/Desmond, memory, bleeding, reality Maria Thorpe/OFC, prostitute, discovery, consolation, test, faith, comfort, warmth, lick Niccolo Machiavelli/La Volpe, traitor, revenge, age, youth, thievery, deception, lies, books, loss, training, education, palming, coins, fight Project Legacy, Francesco/Enu/Tessa, training, sex pollen Robert de Sable/Maria Thorpe, domination/submission, sword, fight, trickery, meeting, loss, lies, dedication, devotion, protection, boy, switch-up, battle, companion, death, tears, cross, scratching, teeth, biting Sibrand/Maria Thorpe, dedication, trick, feminine, master, protection, real, swords, chainmail, biting, teeth, hard, touch, weak Sister Teodora/Maria Auditore, faith, love, freedom, passion, touch, devotion, god, silk sheets Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio/Leonardo, art, beauty, blood, medicine, rescue Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 movie) Jake/Bishop, capture, danger, red Atelier Rorona Atelier Rorona, Astrid/Rorona, nonconsensual, sadistic, ownership Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O' Brian Jack/Stephen, duet, overindulge Avalon High (movie) Allie/Jen, locker, football, homecoming, coming out, past, destiny, cheerleader, notes, repeat, alternate Mordred/Allie, defeat, magic, prophecy, kin Will/Allie, history, run, football, future, politics, knight in shining armour, beach, cup, round table, Camelot Avatar (2009) Col. Katara Azula/Katara, captive, escape, battle, fire, healing, trust, gasp, camp, heat, passion, push, pull, intrigue, sacrifice, whisper, tease, desperation, contrast, imagine, challenge, lies Azula/Katara/Zuko, replay, bonds Azula/Mai, allegiance, drama, silent Azula/Mai/Zuko, shift, endless, punishment Azula/Sokka, transference, forgery, teeth, nations, triumph Azula/Ty Lee, chance, dominance, safe-word, friendship, extension, bad romance Azula/Ty Lee/Mai, memory, test, your fingertips Azula/Zhao, disregard, disgust, friction, strength, mock Azula/Zuko, claim, humiliation, betrayal, disappointment, always crashing, stealth, flare, fusion, politics, cells, crossdressing, future, family, anger Azula/Zuko/Zhao, service, drown, test, tangle Earth King/Long Feng, control Earth King/Teo, learning to fly girl!

", run, snicker, school, music, upside-down, need, fix, hold Will/Declan, lonesome, left behind, take away the sensation inside, its just conversation Amores Perros Octavio/Susana, damned, wrong, different, parallel, broken, addiction, cigarettes, tobacco, sunglasses, brothers An Education Jenny/Helen, shallow, fashion Jenny/Miss Stubbs, fantasy, photography, inspired Andromeda Harper/Andromeda, Pygmalion, Earth, planet, capture, pretend, control, rescue Angel Sanctuary Katou/Setsuna/Sara, alternate, family Kira/Katou, drugged Kurai/Setsuna, older Lailah/Sandalphon, curse Raphael/Barbiel, finally, challenging, match Raphael/Sara, adoration Raziel/Sheatiel, dust Shatiel/Raziel, tentative Angel the Series Angel/Cordelia Chase, alive, together, forever, help, confused, seduce, satin, shiver, banter, falling, hell Angel/Doyle, justice, music, return, atonement, sight, whisky, bruised Angel/Doyle/Wesley, space Angel/Faith, animal, killer, redemption, sanctuary, exes, nightmare, do-over, believe, rescue, companionship, shelter Angel/Fred, hello, eye freckle, restoration, sorry, distraction, trust, cradle-robber, guardian Angel/Kate Lockley/Lindsey Macdonald, rough, hot, pervy, forbidden, dangerous Angel/Lindsey Mc Donald, loss, chain, bruise, kneeling, force, slave, closure Angel/Lorne, pastries, grumpy, serenade, sleep, drunk Angel/Spike, burn, drowning, laughter, silk Angel/Spike/Cordelia Chase, beer, bed, sweat Angel/Spike/Lawson, set in ‘Why We Fight’ on the submarine Angelus/Lindsey Mc Donald, child, embrace, kiss, eternal, morose Connor/Spike, spite, fun, family, friends, need Cordelia/Darla, angry, dark, trapped Cordelia/Fred, books, glasses, fashion Cordelia/Lilah, dominance, payback Cordelia/Lindsey, shot Darla/Connor, heart, again, empty, why Darla/Drucilla, blood line, ageplay, comfort, dolls, stars, sires, Victorian, dresses, blood, pretty Darla/Fred, glasses, nerd, pain, scientist Darla/Fred/Wesley, schoolgirls Darla/Lindsey Mc Donald, obsession, new, alive, breath Faith/Gwen, leather Faith/Lilah, prison Faith/Wesley, gentle, do-over, chosen, hush, dirty, memory, regret, bite, drunk, misery, motel, bathroom, anger, violent, identity, curse, bound, death, finger, deceit, quick, hunt, sharp, tongue, defend, betray Fred/Lilah, corrupting, hard Fred/Wesley, spanking Gunn/Wes, partnership, scars, skin, glasses, books Harmony/Darla/Drusilla, biting Harmony/Spike, silk Illyria/The Drogyn, domesticity Jasmine/Connor, blood, everything, true, family Lilah/Wesley, naughty Lorne/Fred, Lornette Spike/Fred, ghosts, memories, sweetheart Spike/Illyria, scotch, bite, sigh Wesley/Illyria, eidolon, shape, teardrop, memorial Animorphs - K. Applegate Elfangor/Loren, discovery, laughter, homesick Essam/Edriss, sand, sensation, alive, forgetful Gafinilan/Mertil, lost, sky, burning, hurt, forever Jake/Cassie, letter, hug, ground Jake/Marco, family, DNA, faith Tobias/Rachel, time, vacation, stripes Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series - Laurell K. Quaritch/Jack Sully’s Brother, obedience, loyality Jake/Neytiri, celebration, queue Parker/Grace, negotiation, morality, loss Avatar: The Last Airbender (Embers-Verse) Zuko/Shirong, training, trust, sparks, control Avatar: The Last Airbender (Series) Azula/Katara, bloodbending, snow Azula/Mai, grappling, fire Lu Ten/Zuko, AU, different Ursa/Iroh, comfort, planning Avatar: The Last Airbender Aang/Katara, flow, power, air, forever, curse, privacy, scent, beauty, chase, awkward, bad! Zuko/Zhao, armor, control, rage, pegging, please Hakoda/Arnook, warmth, kinship, skin Hakoda/Ozai, steam Hakoda/Zuko, stranded, injury, survival Iroh/Juun, scent, noodles, liquor, strength Iroh/Zuko, tired, tea, warmth Jet/Sokka/Zuko, confined, past, distress, maps, ink, uncertainty, ships, phone!

Alexander Michael De Leon (born April 8, 1989) is an American songwriter and lead singer for the American rock band The Cab.

The Cab was signed to Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance in 2007 and released their debut album, Whisper War, in April 2008.

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