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Calgary is Alberta’s largest city, larger than Edmonton, the province’s capital. Calgary’s latitude – 51 degrees north – is similar to London, Paris, Seattle and Vancouver.Its high latitude results in long days in summer and long nights in winter. Sitting on the prairies, the city enjoys plenty of sunshine with low rainfall. Of all Canada’s provinces, Alberta’s character is most like the USA.Alberta has cowboy boots, rodeos, cow festivals (Calgary is sometimes called Cowtown) and American spellings.Its government is to the right of Canada’s other provinces.Scheer's win and the way he won show that all different kinds of Conservatives can and do have a place in our party under his leadership. In a video that's been making the rounds, the lucky fan can be seen screaming and pounding on the glass while locked in a lengthy and intense gaze with Zack Kassian, who is on the other side of the glass, in full out warrior pose screaming right back at him.

I would think every team has the goal of making the playoffs and I think almost every team could.” Aaron Sluchinski’s rink out of Airdrie is “more excited than normal to have a real shot at going to the Brier.” “I would assume all the teams have come in with the same mindset,” he said. There are obviously a couple of front-runners in Charley Thomas and Brendan Bottcher, but they are going to have to play well to come out on top.“We certainly feel like if we play our best, we can make the playoffs.And from there, we’d have a chance.” Remember Ken Hunka? The Edmonton skip won Alberta and played in the ‘Last Shootout of the Century’ Edmonton Brier.Last week, the Trudeau government announced a 'technical paper' on its proposed federal carbon tax which suggests it will mimic Alberta's carbon tax plan, quashing the optimism of those who believed the federal government when they said their carbon tax would be revenue neutral. And for Zack and the fan, it seemed like an incredible bonding experience that they will forever share. There are many amazing neighbourhoods for millennials to live in Canada, and here we explore some of the most popular choices.

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