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Fact: While precise statistics are difficult to determine, all signs indicate that domestic violence is more common than most people believe or want to believe.

For example, due to lack of space, shelters for battered women are able to admit only 10 to 40 percent of women who request admission. Though they make up less than 8 percent of the US population, they account for 75 percent of all battered women and report being assaulted 14 times more often than women still living with a partner. It can be directed at women, men, children, the elderly.

Whatever statistics are available are believed to be low because domestic violence is often not reported. It takes place among all social classes and all ethnic groups; however, women are the most targeted victims of domestic violence.

A 2002 study reported that 29% of women (almost 1-in-3) and 22% of men (more than 1-in-5) report having experienced physical, sexual, or psychological intimate partner violence during their lifetime.

Abusers can be found living in mansions, as well as mobile homes. Myth #6: Abuse takes place because of alcohol or drugs.

In Up to 50 percent of women with children fleeing domestic violence become homeless because they leave the abuser. Fact: Substance abuse does not cause domestic violence.

It is thought so many cases of physical abuse are missed simply due to the physician's failure to ask about it.

It is a shocking physical abuse statistic that approximately 2 million injuries occur each year from physical abuse, for which only a third will seek medical help.

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